Simone's Backstory

Simone was Born Under a Bad Sign.

Her mother, a revered Healer and leader among the Changeling underground, dies giving birth to her during a lunar eclipse. Her father went mad with grief afterwards, exposing his Changeling form while in a fit of violence, bringing massive reprisals and pogroms against the hidden Changeling populace in the city of her birth. From then on, any Changeling who took her in had ill fortune befall them, until none would give her succor. At the age of six, she had mastered her shapechanging well enough to take on the identity of a human child, and spent the next 9 years on the streets as a pick pocket. Although good at the trade, she never seemed to get ahead. Finally, after seeing an Eladrin couple in the flesh, she became enamored of their beauty and grace and changed forms to that of a young eladrin woman. She still was a thief, but after some years of practice, was able to gain access to a higher grade of targets due to her Eladrin disguise. She was so successful, she even started to believe she was Eladrin and stayed in that form constantly. Everything seemed to finally be going her way.

Until the night of her 20th birthday. She remembers seeing a ghostly light down an alleyway…

And then she finds herself standing in the morning mists of the forest outside Brindol. Wearing white furs and wielding an arcane-inscribed rod, she feels an alien presence inside herself… along with the knowledge of witchy energies inside her brain. And no memory of what, which she finds out later, were the last 4 years of her life.

Simone's Backstory

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