Scourge's History


Scourge was an assassin in his former life. When his family was killed by some undead, he made it his mission in life to find and kill the unnaturally undead and their master that killed them. A local assassin’s guild member from the Red Scales, taking pity on him, trained him in the arts. For their training, Scourge worked for the Red Scales killing others who abused their power over the helpless.

He was very accomplished at killing the undead until he faced a very powerful necromancer that was backed by some unknown god. The Raven Queen was particularly impressed by his talents and skills. She gave him the option to return to the living to continue with his self-imposed mission in exchange for serving her and telling those he executed that the Raven Queen is waiting for them.

Scourge remember very little of his past live except for killing undead. Although he gets uneasy feelings when he sees others of power abuse the poor and helpless, which he can’t understand.

First Day in Brindol

I have no idea why I’m here in the Antler and Thistle, but my mistress has compelled me to be here. Looking around, I see three men playing at cards in the back, while others of the community are spending their evening drinking and eating. I sit in a corner, as my custom, at the front of the Antler and Thistle to see who enters without being noticed.

The Attack on the Antler and Thistle

While sitting at the table watching every one a group of goblins broke in and started killing the patrons and setting fire. One went after some kind of flag behind the bar. Luckily I was able to stop the goblin before it got away. After helping some other adventures kill the remaining goblin, we went outside and found more trying to get in. We were able to kill them with ease.

A short time later a huge ogre pulling a wagon came around a corner throwing casks of flaming oil at the buildings. In the wagon were four goblins and casks of oil. The combined effort of the six of us killed the goblins and the ogre.

Scourge's History

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