Scales of War -- Online game

Simone's arrival.

Simone Magus has been in Brindol for a few weeks and has befriended Grubak the Mage in an attempt to find out what has happened to her during the last 4 years of her life.

Her friend’s investigations have only revealed that she was probably in the Feywild and due to a compact of unknown origin and purpose, is now able to draw upon Fey Arcane majicks.

This unsettles her, as she uses these powers with unconscious adeptness, and although her earlier memories are intact, they are dim… as if seen through cloudy glass. She feels no attachment to her previous life, and therefore is content to remain here in Brindol, with a preternatural sense of being where she is supposed to be.

She is quite comfortable with the Drow shopkeeper Sam, which has been mildly surprising to the Drow, and has caused those who know of the Elven racial prejudices to ponder. She also sees others among the patrons of the tavern that pique her interest: the cerulean Genasi, first of their kind she has seen; another Drow!!; and the pale, gaunt hooded man who smells of ancient dust.

She has never felt more at home.



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