Grubak's Story

Grubak the Strange.  That’s how I try to introduce myself to people. It’s nicer than Grubanikus Merriweather, Son of Archibald and Zulliberrian Merriweather, Head Wizards of Charm Magic and Illusion Magic (respectively) at the Arcane Academy in Sayre. Needless to say, my parent’s notoriety does not lend itself to discrete business work. Being an unlicensed mage who was rejected from the academy also doesn’t help my freelancing. So I just go with Grubak and I am thoroughly strange, so the moniker works.

Unlike my prestigious parentage and their subtle magic usage, my magics have always fared more closely to war wizardry, particularly in the application of fire magic. My pyromancy skill is definitely more than parlor tricks and I pride myself in it. I’ve made a good living out of my mercenary fire magics and I try to live outside the shadow of my famous parentage.

I do miss my favorite instructor from the academy. The custodian of the academy always had a special place in my heart. He managed the incinerator where all the experimental magics and potions were disposed of and since I spent so much time in provisional study (i.e. detention), we became quite close. His simple skill was not delicate in any way, he was a blunt instrument and I was drawn to the explosive nature of the power he wielded.

Since then I've  been on the road, selling my talents to whoever needs a touch of destructive magic to perhaps grease the wheels of a transaction. I've done some things I'm not particularly proud of, but I have some strong standards. I stand by my convictions and I am more than willing to walk away. 

Recently I've come into the company of an intriguing eladrin warlock named Simone. We've done a couple of jobs together and I find her an enigma. Her amnesia particularly perplexes me and I've spent some time making observations about her situation. I'm trying to figure out just what might wake her up to her previous experiences and give her back her missing time.

Brindol is a sweaty little town, but I've smelled worst. Nothing was as bad as Overlook. I was definitely never able to overlook the smell of unwashed dwarf. My sensitive nose is probably the last hold over from my life as an aristocrat and even though I wish I could be rid of it, I'll probably always be bothered by my more "earthy" career choice.

Grubak's Story

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